Délégation territoriale de la Savoie
Carré Curial – Place François Mitterrand
BP 20 759 - 73007 Chambéry Cedex
Tél. : 04 56 11 08 28 – Fax : 04 56 11 08 98

129 rue Servient
69 418 Lyon Cedex 03
Tél. : 04 72 34 74 00
Without a car, you could be a long way from the closest pharmacy, especially in the snow!

Ensure you have a complete first aid kit, including
- Basic medication to treat fever, pains and vomiting
- Enough of your regular medication to last your stay, 
- a thermometerYou need a doctor

During the day, go to the GP - don't wait to finish the day's activities.
- The quicker you're treated, the more likely you are to get back on the slopes the next day.
- For doctors who take patients all day, valuable sleep at night will allow them to provide better care during the day, although they remain available in case of emergency.Sun, cold and wind

The sun reflects strongly off snow: just as you would protect your eyes, protect your skin (and your children?s) with sun cream with an appropriate sun protection factor (or protect yourself from sunburn with a suitably high protection sun cream).
The cold ?and the wind? increase with altitude, and the ski slopes get up to 2000m (6000ft) so make sure you have: appropriate footwear, warm ski gloves and wind/waterproofs.
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Thank you for waiting, your request is on process

Thank you for waiting, your request is on process